Not sure what Probate is?

When someone has died, the Will nominates one or more Executors who are responsible for managing the deceased persons estate, payment of liabilities and distribution of the estate’s assets to beneficiaries according to the Will.

Probate is the name given to the legal process of verifying and registering the last Will of a deceased person in the Supreme Court.

Once Grant of Probate has been obtained, the estates assets will be transferred into the Executor’s name so they may carry out their duties.

Most organisations (e.g. banks, superannuation funds) who hold assets of a deceased person require a copy of the Probate before they will agree to transfer assets to the Executor or beneficiaries.

Do you need Probate?

Eden Lawyers will assess your circumstance and provide Legal advice and support to best suit your needs. If after your no obligation first consultation you decide to retain Eden Lawyers, we will help you administer the estate and if possible avoid the costly exercise of obtaining a grant of probate.

If the estate has assets that require a Grant of Probate we can guide you through the maze making the process as stress free as possible. We understand the emotions and pressure on executors during this difficult time and will always be available to answer all of your questions.

Eden Lawyers are expert in NSW, Victoria and Queensland Probate.

Costs can vary from state to state and the complexity of the Will and Estate.
Family members, executors and beneficiaries can be scattered across Australia and overseas.
Estate assets, properties and financial institutions can also be across several states.
Once your case has been assessed, Eden’s will be able to advise on costs.

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